Adventures in Herbium

Adventures in Herbium

Deep in the forest there sits an overgrown grove lost to the humans of this world, and at the center emerges a monstrous stump grown over with moss and mushrooms barely any bark still visible to the creatures wandering by. This is where we find Gene; consumed by work at his crafting bench. You see Gene is a gnome, a creature of the forest, and fully committed to honing his craft. Although, he didn't know quite what that was yet. He collected nice smelling plants and beautiful flowers on his daily walks to bring back to the lab and tinker with, but so far all he had made were a handful of shiny crystalline forms of abnormal shape and size that didn’t seem useful at all! 

After some time in his secluded workshop Gene had managed to make a few glossy orbs and a handful of tinctures that at least had the benefit of smelling nice. His mistakes however had piled up significantly and with nowhere to store them all he started a pile just out the side window of his home. Upon returning from one of his walks he happened to notice something peculiar about his junk pile. He could've sworn it was larger the day before! Though strange he chose not to worry, “It’s only trash after all”, he said aloud to himself. After a few days the pile had disappeared altogether but Gene was flummoxed as to what could have happened to all of his wayward experiments. 

No matter how many unwanted results wound up out the window Gene could never find them the next day. After several months of this he decided ,”I will catch whomever it is and ask them what they are about!” He tried to wait up for days only to fall asleep next to his hearth. He set strings hung with bells all about his home thinking they would wake him when the sneak arrived, and many other traps besides to no avail. He never stopped looking for new ways to catch his unknown visitor. 

A year or more went by with springtime fast approaching and Gene took up his longer walks again. Now he started to notice something new. Small caudal leaves springing up all about the clearing outside his lab window! He took care to avoid stepping on them and watched them grow over the following weeks. Where once he had discarded his shame a beautiful field of wildflowers had grown seemingly from nowhere for he had to walk a ways to the nearest flower fields. Here he also found varieties he had never seen before: deep purple blossoms with slender serrated petals, shimmering white blooms that hung facing the ground, and orange bouquets of fragrant buds bursting red at the center like flame. What a wonder he thought marveling at the universe. Gene whispered to the wind, “Perhaps all of our mistakes are beautiful in the end after all.” 

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