Gene's Mold Facts (NOT FOOD SAFE)

Silicone: Smooth-On Mold Star 15 Slow Platinum Cure Silicone (MSDS)

Maximum PSI before warping mold: 40psi

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Your molds can be cleaned in a tiny amount of dish soap and water if needed, but if you're mixing your resin properly this shouldn't really be necessary. 

Your molds will unfortunately deteriorate overtime - this is inevitable - there are a few ways to mitigate this though. Always make sure to be very gentle around the edges of the 1 faces when you're unmolding and be sure not to leave any excess resin in or on your molds and they should last you at least 10 casts. You can increase this number by using a mold release such as Mann Ease Release 200 - however this will dull that glassy finish down to a satin finish. 

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