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D10 Dice Mold

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Current Lead Time

Your mold(s) will be shipped out within 7-10 days of ordering

Please keep in mind with larger orders this timeline may increase.

Shipping Details

Once an item is marked shipped, it has been transferred to USPS, DHL or UPS and has left my possession. Any delays after this time are unfortunately out of my control - especially in regards to international orders.


I offer First Class International in the interest of affordability but please know that by choosing this shipping option I cannot do anything if your package goes missing from me to you. This option does NOT come with insurance.

Customers are responsible for duties and taxes on any internationally shipped items. Please keep this in mind when ordering from outside the US. 

Mold Specs

Silicone: Smooth-On Mold Star 15 Slow Platinum Cure Silicone (MSDS)

Maximum PSI before warping mold: 40psi

Font License

Your molds can be cleaned in a tiny amount of dish soap and water if needed, but if you're mixing your resin properly this shouldn't really be necessary. 

Your molds will unfortunately deteriorate overtime - this is inevitable - there are a few ways to mitigate this though. Always make sure to be very gentle around the edges of the 1 faces when you're unmolding and be sure not to leave any excess resin in or on your molds and they should last you at least 10 casts. You can increase this number by using a mold release such as Mann Ease Release 200 - however this will dull that glassy finish down to a satin finish. 


All sales are final, however should anything happen I will do whatever I can to make it right! Please don't hesitate to contact me via email at should you have any issues with your order!

These molds are the perfect starting place for new dice makers as well as a great addition to a  seasoned dice makers arsenal.

These molds are made using high quality 3D printed masters that were polished to a glassy finish. The 1 faces on the lid are also a glassy finish. 

Custom Molds are available - please see request form on the home page. 

The dice in the photo will NOT be included, they are the masters I mold from to show you the font. 

Dice Dimensions