Mold Replacements

Please contact us within 7 business days of receiving your mold should you find any defects. After this point we cannot offer a replacement. 

Can you sell the things you create with my molds?

Absolutely! I chose a commercially free font for the masters I use in the molds I sell so you're totally free to sell if you want! The font is called Vanilla Extract and should you need the license at any point for whatever reason you can find it here: 


What type of silicone do you use for the molds?

I use a Smooth - On Platinum cure silicone called Mold Star 15 Slow - you can find the MSDS for this silicone here:


Are your dice balanced?

As with all handmade dice, my dice are as balanced as possible, with the exception of the D20's with large inclusions. While I can't say they are casino standard, they are balanced enough for your everyday table top use :).

What do you make your dice with?

All of my dice are hand cast using two part epoxy resin in platinum silicone molds that I cast from my masters in a pressure pot to ensure no bubbles. 

Depending on the design they may include alcohol ink, mica powder, glitter, and various inclusions. 

All of my sets are then sanded and painted by me!

What is your privacy policy with the information you get from your customers?

I do not sell, rent, or share this information with any third party. It is used for the purposes of getting your order to you safely. If you opt in to our newsletter you will always have the opportunity to unsubscribe at the bottom of each promotional email. 

Customer Service Questions?

You can contact me through email or Discord. I will get back to you as quickly as I can, this is typically at the longest 2 business days. 

Email: info@nanolabmaker.com

Instagram: instagram.com/nanolabmaker

Facebook: facebook.com/nanolabmaker


I ship daily Monday-Thursday (Packages shipped out on Friday seem to be the ones that get lost so I just don't ship out of Fridays) with the exception of commission orders - shipping of these orders will be discussed via email. 

Once shipped, packages shipped within the US should arrive within 5-7 business days (if not sooner) via First Class Mail unless otherwise chosen during shipping. International packages are shipped via DHL or UPS only - far too many packages have gone missing to provide USPS service internationally.