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Mystic Prisms Polyhedral Set

Mystic Prisms Polyhedral Set

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Dazzle your imagination with this Mystic Prisms Polyhedral Set - hot pink, blueish purple, and black swirled together with a hint of colorshifting sorcery, inked in silver. Roll for adventure and never settle for plain-old dice again!

All of my dice are handmade using two part epoxy resin.

Handmade dice may have small maker's marks, micro-scratches or other evidence of the crafting process such as mini internal bubbles. These are purely aesthetic and will not affect gameplay unless otherwise stated.

They are a hard plastic dice and may be scratched if treated too harshly. Be kind to your dice. 

CHOKING HAZARD! Do not eat the dice and NEVER leave them around children unattended. Please be safe.

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